Design Guide

Building a home is an important process for everyone and at Sterling Homes we make the experience easy for all our clients. With a variety of opportunities and information that you need to consider, the following is a guide to help you through the process.

What style of house are you looking for?

There are a wide range of styles available in homes, do you prefer a modern look or something more classical? Think about the materials and finishes not only on the outside but the inside of your home as well. Display homes are a great way to see how you can use these features and at Sterling Homes you can modify both inside and outside to create the look and feel that you desire.

Take into account the amount of bedrooms and living rooms you think you will need now and in the future. Do you want a terrace for outdoor entertaining or maybe a larger kitchen because you love to cook? It is also important to take into account any landscaping features you will want in the future: barbeque areas, feature gardens, swimming pools, everything about your block is a part of your design. Our designs page has a convenient filter function to help find the home that is right for you and with the option to alter plans to add your individual touch we are sure to have the home for you.

Do you own any land or are you looking?

We can help you find the right block of land for you, our consultants keep up to date with the latest land releases, prices and have years of experience in finding the right land for our clients. 

What is your land like?

It may be flat or have a slope, is it an irregular shape? With the right design these differences can compliment your home. Sterling Homes offers a wide range of homes and individually designed homes that will enhance your land.

Do you have a location in mind?

Do you want to build in a new development? If so there may be encumbrances & design guidelines for that area, these are a set of rules to maintain a certain standard of design within a development and are a part of your land contract with the developer. Our consultants are experienced in knowing exactly what is needed in each development and their knowledge is helpful in knowing what is required before you start choosing designs. Our sales consultants will be able to advise you of which designs will suit certain developments, and display homes are a great way of seeing encumbrance approved plans first hand.  

The placement of your land is important as well and it is specific to you. How does your house face the sun? Do you have any views you wish to utilise? What climate are you living in? Certain factors in the placement of your home can alter your homes energy rating. Taking these factors into account can help you save money. Read more about energy efficiency.

Do you wish to subdivide?

You may be able to fit more on your land than you think. If you are interested in building multiple homes our sales consultants can help you organise the sub division of your land. You can read more about multiple dwellings here.

Know your budget

Knowing your price limit is important and allowing for everything your home needs at the beginning will stop any unwanted surprises. This is why it is important to speak to consultants about your land and everything you want in your home. Our consultants can help you organise your finance and will work within your budget to achieve the home you desire. Find out more.

Are you currently living in a house you own or are you renting?

Do you wish to sell your house before you finish building? When building with Sterling Homes we will give you timeframes of your home’s process. This means that we can coordinate dates with you and make the building process as smooth as possible.

Getting started

The above is a guide to help you achieve the home you are looking for but every person and block of land is different. Our trained consultants are available to go through the above details with you in detail so that the design and construction of your home is enjoyable and results in the home you were dreaming of.. With consultants at our display homes and our head office we look forward to speaking with you.