Environmental Design

Energy efficiency can benefit not only the planet, but your lifestyle as well.

Being green is easier than you think

Sterling Homes have HIA Accredited Greensmart professional staff who are trained in increasing your home's energy efficiency, this means that with the numerous ways to make your home more energy efficient, Sterling Homes can help you use these methods without compromising the design of your home or your budget. Not only can an energy efficient house be good for the environment but it can reduce your cost of living and improve your lifestyle.

So how can we create an energy efficient house?

The design of your home can largely impact your energy efficiency, design factors such as the location of windows to the positioning of your house can alter your energy efficiency and not one home is the same as the location and orientation of your land is different to any other allotment. Not only does Sterling Homes look at these factors, but our flexibility in altering plans allows you to easily reach your home's potential in comfortable living.

Your cost of living can also be reduced by the correct selection of items your house can use. Energy efficient appliances, the right hot water system, solar PV cells, insulation and shading are just a few things that can be added to your home. With all the options and possibilities you can contact Sterling Homes to talk to our dedicated staff about how your home can be friendly to the environment and better for you.