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Same you, same location, but a new home with the latest features in contemporary living

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Knockdown Rebuild

Our clients have been surprised at how easy it was to create a new house that suited their land and how they have improved their home by building new. Best of all, you get a new home designed for you, with the latest finishes, fixtures and appliances, you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs of renovating and you get the structural guarantees that come with a new Sterling Home.

Our goal is to build a home inspired by your lifestyle, and your land is paramount to the design process. Below are 5 simple steps in creating a home perfect for where you live.


We Analyse Your Land

Our first step is to collate your title boundaries, relevant council development plans & area zoning to see the maximum potential your land offers. We will also assess other important factors that are specific to your land and can help decide the right design for you. Taking into account things like solar orientation, nice views, sloping land, or significant trees can help create a better home and can sometimes save you money.


The Design For You

Now that we’ve had a look at your block we can show you our homes that suit your lifestyle and your land. With your home design chosen we will suggest any changes that can tailor the design to your land, improving the end result. We’ve even designed individual homes for the most challenging of sites, from split level and undercroft homes to designs suiting angled blocks.


Starting Documentation

With the floor plan finalised we can start organising the documentation of your new home, from construction drawings to structural reports. This allows us to review any site limitations against the design you’ve chosen to confirm exactly how your home will suit your land. With this documentation we can lodge the development for council planning approval and building rules consent.


Final Touches to Your Home

You’ve chosen your design, now we can finalise the final touches of your home. This is when we will book you into your meeting at our Selections Centre, your one on one meeting with our experienced Selections Consultant who will guide you as you choose from our extensive range of finishes for your home. At the end of your meeting your home design will be complete, detailed to create an end product inspired by your tastes and completely individual to you.


Ready for Construction

With your design finalised and council approved we now review your final contract and your file will be approved for construction. With everything finalised you can arrange the demolition of your old home, we can even put you in contact with some of the companies our clients have used in the past.

With the site ready we can begin building your new home while you sit back and relax knowing your home is being built by one of Adelaide’s most experienced and trusted builders.